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General information 

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Company name : Fraipont SRL

Head office : Rue de Spa 154, 4970 Francorchamps (Stavelot) – Belgique 

VAT Number : BE 0433 835 765


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Product maintenance

Can the straws be put in the dishwasher?

The simply polished stainless-steel straws are dishwasher safe. We strongly advise against dishwashing for treated items (gold, pink gold, silver). Some cleaning soaps are too aggressive and are likely to attack the shine and colour of your products. For this reason, we advise you to wash them with mild soap and water. We are in no way responsible for the alteration of the finishes due to improper handling or use of cleaning products.

How to clean the straws?

In order to always enhance the colour of your straws, we advise you to use soft cloths and non-aggressive cleaning products.

The simply polished stainless-steel straws are dishwasher safe. For all other finishes, we recommend that you leave them to soak in a bath of warm, slightly soapy water and use the cleaning brushes provided. Air dry.

Do not use rough surfaces such as metal sponges.

In order to avoid oxidation of the silver straws, regular use is recommended. To improve the silver, we recommend the use of care products specially designed for this purpose. 


What is the origin of your products?

Our products are designed and manufactured in Belgium in our workshops in Francorchamps. We work exclusively with quality suppliers.

Can straws be used with hot drinks?

Yes, however, all hot drinks should be consumed with caution to avoid burning yourself whether with a straw or without.

Is it safe to use straws?

Yes, all Yvoir straws from Fraipont are made from non-toxic food grade stainless steel. The same applies to surface treatments. There is no metallic aftertaste. Stainless steel straws are also rust resistant. They are completely safe to drink. You risk absolutely nothing.

Are the straws reusable and recyclable?

Yes, food grade stainless steel is a very resistant material, easily recyclable.

Why do the finishes not have the same level of thickness (microns applied)?

The coating applied to our products is the result of numerous tests. 

The silver finish needs to be rubbed more often because of its natural oxidation. The 10 microns are therefore necessary to ensure a beautiful shine.

The 24-carat gold finish does not fade over time and requires much less maintenance. The 3 microns are therefore more than sufficient. 

The more fanciful rose gold finish is only possible in 0.5 micron. Even if the thickness of the deposit is less, the quality of the finish is good. 

The microns applied therefore have a direct impact on the price of our products. 

Any other questions?

If you have any further questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us via the following e-mail address: We will do our best to answer you quickly.